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Beautiful, brownish green  , soft contact lenses in the color “Azure” from the Natural series.
The contact lenses have a natural  ring to make the new eye color look even stronger and more natural.
No matter what your own eye color is, LUNA LENSES colored contact lenses have an absolute yet natural appearance.
LUNA LENSES colored lenses are has a good coverage on any eye color – bright as well as dark / brown eyes; Can be used for big and small eyes – ideally suited for a particularly natural look.

With good care, they can last up to 12 months.

Our soft contact lenses are very comfortable and cause no irritation.

LUNA LENSES contact lenses have been tested and approved by the “efsa” and the “EMA”.

LUNA LENSES is a new premium brand for colored, luxurious contact lenses with high quality.

Please do not use saline solution! We recommend to clean / disinfect and store our LUNA LENSES contact lenses only with a soft contact lenses solution.

Soft colored lenses without eyesight, diameter: 14,20mm, radius of curvature: 8,60 °, water content 38% and 62% polymacon.

Delivered are going to be 1 pair = 2 individual contact lenses packed sterile + contact lens container in a set.


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