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frequently asked questions

Yes, once children are able to handle the contact lenses properly, they can wear them. Most children get used to contact lenses very quickly and often deal with them very conscientiously.

Once you get used to your contact lenses, you can usually wear them for many hours each day. On average, however, they have a wearing time of 8 to 12 hours.

Going to sauna with your lenses on is no problem. But you should avoid it when swimming.

Actually, many experts are against going to the solarium with contact lenses on

If you still want to tan with lenses, you should do so only with safety goggles

No, the contact lenses must be removed before going to bed. So that your eyes get enough oxygen.

No, as long as you regularly take care for your contact lenses no irritation should occur

No. The contact lens can only remain at the front of the eye or in rare cases once under one of the eyelids, to the whiteness of the eye, slip. Even in this case, you can take the contact lens from the eyes off or move it back into the right position. There is no health risk

Modern contact lenses are available almost for all eyesight and vision. Thanks to innovative materials and technologies, astigmatism is no longer an obstacle to the comfortable wearing of contact lenses. Therefore, you can fully enjoy the freedom that contact lenses offer you.

Care questions

No, because tap water contains germs that stick to the lenses and in the worst case cause eye inflammation

A suitable contact lens container that requires regular replacement, a suitable care product and a neat and clean workplace where the contact lenses can be inserted and left.

The all in one solution for soft contact lenses may be used. We recommend ‘Best View’ All in one solution from Rossmann.

Contact lens fluid can be purchased on the internet, at the optician, the ophthalmologist, the pharmacy or the drugstore.,

Just in case

First wash hands, gently push the contact lens sideways and back again. For stronger rubbing remove the lens, rinse with solution, replace.

Wash hands thoroughly, remove lens, rinse with solution and replace

More often blink or apply a wetting solution for eyes, e.g. our recommendation Lipo Nit® Lidspray

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